A summary of the benefits and pitfalls of investing off-plan

Off-plan investing refers to the process of purchasing a property from a developer before it is built, or during the build process. Hence, the term ‘off-plan’ refers to the decision being made solely by looking at the plans. Off-plan investing can be a very lucrative way of investing, certainly in times of solid property market […]

What is a buy-to-let Investment?

What is a buy-to-let Investment?   Buy-to-let is purchasing a property with the intention of letting it out. As with most investments, it is a case of putting your capital in to something with the idea of getting a return or a steady income. Basically, you are after a rental return, capital growth or a […]

Understanding your buy to let goals

There was a time when property investment was less risky, offered easier returns and was much less regulated. But increased taxes, greater regulation and higher costs mean anyone starting or enlarging a buy to let portfolio must be cannier about their investment goals. Here we explore some of the key questions we urge our landlords […]

What does the budget mean for me?

It’s safe to say that Chancellor, Philip Hammond’s Spring Budget is unlikely to go down in the history books. But with so much going on already in the UK housing market, it’s a great opportunity to take stock. The good news? The Budget held no further bad news for buy-to-let investors who have already felt the screws […]

How will Brexit affect the London property market?

Mark Lawrinson, Regional Sales Director of Portico London estate agents, has spoken out about the possible effects of Brexit, saying, “I don’t think the triggering of Article 50 will affect the property market directly from today. In one sense it removes the uncertainty surrounding when Britain’s withdrawal process from the EU will start, but in […]

Manchester: The next place to be?

With rental incomes steadily rising and demand outstripping supply, investing in a buy-to-let property can be a good way to increase your monthly income. As one of the fastest growing cities in the UK and with an influx of new property developments, Manchester provides the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to invest in property. Buying a property […]

Liverpool: the place to invest

Liverpool: the place to invest As the buy to let market in the UK continues to grow, Best of Buy to Let are excellently placed to help you find your next investment property. Whether it’s your first time as a landlord, or you are looking to expand your existing portfolio, our team of experts can […]

The Northern Powerhouse: Post-Brexit, the place to be!

So the initial pandemonium of Brexit is slowly starting to simmer down as the repercussions of a nations decision begins to settle in.  With still a degree of uncertainty lingering in the air, it is easy to allow the voices sceptics to dictate the potential mood and activity of investors, shooting down potential opportunities as […]